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Data recovery after

No one is always safe from a data loss situation. As we all know that ‘To human is to error’ so being a human, error chances are always possible and high. Since a simple mistake can cause a serious data loss situation. So to overcome these problems we present you an effective and easy to use recovery solution that will help you in restoring your lost after following data loss scenarios-

  • When your windows HDD is logically crashed
  • While reinstalling operating system
  • In case of formatting hard disk partitions
  • Deleting data from recycle bin or using Shift+Del keys
  • Virus/worm infected disk
  • Improper device usage
  • Unexpected system shutdown
  • Missing or lost logical drives (volumes)

Password recovery after

Password recovery software is specially designed to recover lost or forgotten mail account passwords. While surfing on net many times we are required to create an account for either purchasing, registering with job, making news account and other similar tasks. Thus there is high possibility of loosing or forgetting our mail id passwords and due to these reasons you may become fail to check details of your important mail documents. In order to fix all these problems we ensure you password recovery after following cases-

  • Forgot your password: Simple and easy to use password recovery utility quickly recovers your lengthy or complex passwords in the case when you either lost or no longer remember it.
  • Password list destroyed: In large organizations generally users work on multiple mail accounts simultaneously and finds it difficult to manage login passwords for all accounts. Our best password unmasks tool enables users to recover password list of multiple email accounts within few seconds.