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Data Recovery in few easy steps

Data recovery software is simple to use and easy to understand tool that guides users about software installation process and effective working of recovery products. You can easily install our affordable data restoration software by following just few easy steps.

  • Select the disk (from which you are trying to recover the data),
  • Select the disk partition,
  • Choose the disk scanning option,
  • Scan the disk drive,
  • Wait until recovery process gets completed,
  • Get your recovered data back in just handful mouse clicks.

Log Options

While using the software, you may require to interrupt the data recovery process, before saving your recovered data. Software has facility to save the Recovery Scanning log that enables you to save the recovery results while using available searching criteria. With the help of Log options you can save and load recovery results. Log is helpful to avoid rescanning of the disk (generally in case of large capacity disk).

Log Options includes:

  • Save Log
  • Load Log

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Data recovery in few easy steps

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